Custom Ordered Package of Family Group Sheets


If you are an SCS member* and wish to have a custom package of family group sheets (FGSs) prepared by SCS Genealogist Ron Beatty showing all Peter Craig’s detail around your earliest Swedish colonial ancestors, click on the PayPal button below to pay $99 to download a link to an interactive order form.

If you want to see an example of a family group sheet, click on the Mounce Rambo thumbnail on the previous page. (or click here)

After making your PayPal payment, you will find the order form download button by clicking on Return to Craig Collection, which takes you back to the Checkout page, and/or by checking your email for the Craig Collection Download Notice.

On the order form you will be offered a choice between (A) a package of FGSs from a known line so you can study your family in detail, or (B) a package of FGSs for heads of family all bearing the same full name so you can confirm which is a suspected ancestor.  You will automatically submit the completed order form to Ron at when you click on SUBMIT.

Because these are custom creations of varying degrees of difficulty, our genealogist may require some time to fulfill your order.

The resulting searchable, read-only, indelibly watermarked package of FGSs in PDF format will be mailed to you on a CD and posted here for sale to the public.  Using Adobe’s free Reader software or Adobe Acrobat (which you have downloaded from, opened and on cue designated as the default for opening PDFs), you will be able to key word search and print your PDFs of family group sheets once they are downloaded.  Your search will highlight the approximate location(s) on the page(s) where the key word appears.

Click here to download and print a free Dictionary (MS Word doc) of the abbreviations used by Peter Craig for many of the references in his family group sheets.

For help regarding: For help regarding: using this process contact; Swedish colonial genealogy contact; Swedish Colonial Society new membership and preparing forefather applications contact

*To open or renew a membership for as little as $45 per year, go to the Join SCS page on our website (click here). Membership also entitles you to receive the semiannual SCS Journal.

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