William Caulk Family Sheets


This package includes all Peter Craig’s annotated family group sheets for ancestors of William Caulk.  It is about 188 pages long and contains sheets relating to William Caulk (1740-1822) m. Sarah; his parents James Caulk ((~1700-1776) m. Eleanor; his grandparents James Caulk (->1706) m. Sarah Allum; great-grandparents Oliver Caulk (-1685) m. Anne (->1685) and Nicholas Allum (-1695) m. Anne Wheeler (->1695), great-great-grandparents John Wheeler (-~1671) and Catharina Lom, and 3rd great-grandfather Mons Svenson Lom.  Included are other materials about all these. It also contains a Dictionary (MS Word doc) of the abbreviations used by Peter Craig for many of the references in his family group sheets.

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