William Lykins Family Sheets


This unmodifiable, read-only package includes all Peter Craig’s annotated family group sheets for William Lykins (1766/7-) m. Margaret Ritter; his parents Marcus Likens (-1813) m. Margaret Howe (-<1822); his grandparents Peter Lycon (~1706->1780) m. Sarah Jones; his great-grandparents Andrew Lycon (->1733) m. Anna (->1748) and Jonas Jones (~1675-1738) m. Anne Seymour; his great-great-grandparents, Peter Nilsson Lycon (-<1693) and Jonas Nilsson (1620-1693) m. Yertrue (Gertrude) Svensdotter (->1691); 3rd great grandfathers Nils Andersson (-1654) and Sven Gunnarsson (~1610-~1679); and Matts Hansson (-~1664).

The package available for purchase is 527 pages long and includes additional materials about all these.

You may view this set of group sheets and download them for free. To view, download, or save this free PDF sample, please click here.

It also contains a Dictionary (MS Word doc) of the abbreviations used by Peter Craig for many of the references in his family group sheets.

Using Adobe’s free Reader software or Adobe Acrobat (which you have downloaded from adobe.com, opened and on cue designated as the default for opening PDFs), you will be able to key word search and print this indelibly watermarked read-only PDF once it is downloaded.  The search will highlight the approximate location(s) on the page(s) where the key word appears.  Some “hits” may be missed due to OCR errors.

These packages were prepared by SCS Genealogist Ron Beatty for those who want to see all Peter Craig’s detail around their earliest Swedish colonial ancestors.

We thank our member C.H. Likens of Indianapolis, IN for sponsoring this package.

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