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Before downloading this package you must agree to the following terms and conditions.  The package is the property of The Swedish Colonial Society and unauthorized distribution is prohibited.  You may access the package only for personal or professional family history research and download it only as search results relevant to that research.  Users must cite the author and source of the content that is used just as for a printed work, and the citation must include “The Swedish Colonial Society” and its URL www.colonialswedes.net.  For example, “Rambo Family File, Family Group Sheet for John Rambo 1710-1769, The Swedish Colonial Society, Philadelphia, Peter Stebbins Craig Collection, www.colonialswedes.net, accessed [date].”  The Swedish Colonial Society makes no express or implied warranties or representations as to the quality and accuracy of the content of the package, and offers the package on an “as is” basis, accepting no responsibility for any use of or reliance upon it.  Copyright 2023 Swedish Colonial Society.

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