Johan Thorsson Alias Schaggen of New Sweden and His Scoggin Descendants


This unmodifiable, read-only package is 34 pages long and represents everything that Peter Craig was able to discover about Johan Thorsson who later took the name Schaggen and whose descendants became Scoggins by any of various spellings. There are nine pages devoted to Johan Thorsson alias Schaggen. Although his wife’s name is no where recorded, her second husband was Lucas Petersson, and two pages are devoted to him and his children, the half siblings to the two known sons of Johan Thorsson.  Another nine pages detail the records found about the two sons of Johan Thorsson, Jonas and John Scoggin, and the remaining fourteen pages carry the line forward three more generations to people who died around 1800.

You may view and print, but not copy, the first page for free.  To make the image of the first page of the package bigger, click on it and then adjust at the upper left corner. The entire whitepaper may be downloaded up to two times for a price of $50 using PayPal. You may view a portion of these group sheets and download them for free.

Using Adobe’s free Reader software or Adobe Acrobat (which you have downloaded from, opened and on cue designated as the default for opening PDFs), you will be able to key word search and print this indelibly watermarked read-only PDF once it is downloaded.  The search will highlight the approximate location(s) on the page(s) where the key word appears.  Some “hits” may be missed due to OCR errors.

These packages were prepared by SCS Genealogist Ron Beatty for those who want to see all Peter Craig’s detail around their earliest Swedish colonial ancestors.