Anders Joransson and his Anderson Family of New Castle County 1664-1787


This unmodifiable, read-only package by Koert D. Burnham, and part of the Peter Craig papers, is 49 pages long and traces Anders Joransson and his Anderson Family of New Castle County, 1664-1787.

Whitepaper description excerpt:

Little is known of the origins of Anders Joransson. His name tells us that his father was named Jöran [Göran in modern Swedish], the Swedish equivalent of the name George in _English Anders is the equivalent of the name Andrew in English. There can be little doubt that Anders  Joransson  was  born in Sweden, but whether he came to America with his father some time during the heyday of the New Sweden colony or came  to America while it was under Dutch rule (1663-1664)  is uncertain.

Anders Joransson is not to be confused with two other persons mentioned in Dr. Amandus Johnson’s treatise, The Swedish Settlements on the Delaware, 1638-1664 (1911). At pages 112 and 758, Dr. Johnson names “Andrian Joransson” as the skipper of the ship Fogel Grip, which accompanied the Kalmar Nyckel on its first voyage to New Sweden in 1637-1638. By footnote, Dr. Johnson also identifies him as “Andrian Jansen.” The correct name appears to be Andrian Jansen from Saardem, a  Dutch sea …


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