Adolph Benzel – A Swedish Noble


This unmodifiable, read-only package by Koert D. Burnham, and part of the Peter Craig papers, is 43 pages long and traces the Adolph Benzel, a Swede of a well known family, established in Philadelphia before September 1750.

Whitepaper description from Koert D. Burnham:

By the middle of the eigtheenth century Philadelphia had ousted Boston as the intellectual and cultural capital of Great Britains! American provinces. Its locally built mercantile fleet dominated the trade from its rich agricultural hinterland as well as that of Wes, New Jersey and Maryland. It led in the production of pig and bar iron. It was the granary of the seaboard. The roots of Quakerism had been chiefly among the yeoman farmers, artisans, small shopkeepers and servants. Each was said “to pray for his neighbor on First Days and then prey on him the other six”. High places and wealth were open to new generations of Quakers. Among the several whose fortunes had not been made in England were Samuel Carpenter from Barbados, Isaac Norris from Jamaica and Edward Shippen from Boston. These families were well established in the City of Brotherly Love before September 28, 1750, when Adolph Benzel, a Swede of a well known family, arrived from London carrying letters of introduction. …

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These packages were prepared by SCS Genealogist Ron Beatty for those who want to see all Peter Craig’s detail around their earliest Swedish colonial ancestors.