The Swedish Hulings: The Colonial Descendants of Marcus Laurensen


This unmodifiable, read-only package Peter Stebbins Craig, is 41 pages long and explains all that is known of the New Sweden settler Marcus Laurensen of Holstein, whose descendants are named Huling or Hulings or variations thereof.  He follows the descendants for five generations.  The first several pages debunk myths about the family origins that date back to the 1880s.  Dr. Craig also remarks that two other contemporary Hulings families were unaffiliated with the Swedish colony: 1) brothers William and Abraham Heulings from England to Burlington County, NJ by 1682 and 2) a branch of the family of James and Margaret Huling from Rhode Island to Lewes, DE.

Whitepaper description from Dr. Peter Craig:

“For over a century, the origins of the “Swedish” Huling and Hulings families of colonial Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Virginia have been obscured by the myth created in the last quarter of the 19th century that they were descendants of French nobility through the Marquis de Hulingues.

Dr. Craig, a genealogist specializing in the early Swedish settlers of the Delaware, prepared an outline of the Hulings family in 1990 showing that this claim was erroneous and that the Swedish Hulings descended from one Marcus Laurensen from Holstein, who probably came to the Delaware River in 1663 or 1664.

In the present 41-page monograph, Dr. Craig expands on this 1990 outline, reviewing in detail Dr. Richard H. Hulan’s research debunking the French nobility myth and describing (from contemporary records) the lives of Marcus Laurensen, his three wives, and his three children – Lawrence Hulings of Gloucester County NJ, Regina Hulings (who married Garrett Garretson of Philadelphia County PA) and Marcus Hulings of Berks County PA. He also traces the male Hulings lines through three additional generations to the Revolutionary War and beyond, giving source citations for his conclusions.”

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These packages were prepared by SCS Genealogist Ron Beatty for those who want to see all Peter Craig’s detail around their earliest Swedish colonial ancestors.